• ISRR newsletter July 2020

    Finally, the next ISRR newsletter is online.

    Bob Sharp and Malcolm Bennett give details about their efforts to enable joined sessions during next years ISRR11 and Rooting2021 meetings.

  • Exposing the hidden half

    Plant and Soil published their special issue on the 10th Symposium of the International Society of Root Research. The twelve contributions of participants can be found at the  journal webside.

  • New ISRR president and executive secretary

    At the 10th ISRR meeting 2018 the new president, Michelle Watt, was elected as well as the new executive secretary, Ulrike Mathesius. More information can be found here.

  • ISRR10- Exposing the hidden half

    The 10th meeting of the ISRR took place in July 2018 in Israel! Participant messagess can be found on Twitter feed, #ISRR10, or  here. Several talks have been videotaped with speaker's permission and can be found  on the ISRR2018 youtube channel.


  • Welcome to the International Society of Root Research

    The Society’s aim is to promote cooperation and communication between root researchers around the world.

  • Join the ISRR

    Interested in contributing and joining our international team of researchers?


What is the ISRR?

Hans Lambers giving his award lecture for recieving the lifetime award at ISRR10

The Society’s aim is to promote cooperation and communication between root researchers around the world. Hopefully you will join us in this endeavour.
The main activity of the International Society of Root Research is to hold regular scientific meetings at which the latest root research can be presented. Our last meetings in Scotland and Australia each attracted over 300 participants. The latest meeting in Israel in 2018 was also featured on twitter  and on youtube as are other current news and the quaterly newsletter.
In 2015 we initiated a Lifetime Award prize that was presented to Margaret McCully (2015) and Hans Lambers (2018) for their significant contributions to root research.

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News & ISRR Newsletter

Student Ambassador programme presented at the ISRR10 conference

Since beginning of 2017 we publish a quarterly newsletter summarizing information about the upcoming ISRR meeting, featured articles from ISRR members, intersting new publications, and more.

In our news section we also frequently update you on recent developments including open positions.  News from 2017 onwards can be found here.

News & Newsletter

Latest Meeting of the ISRR

Alan Richardson speaking at the ISRR10 meeting

ISRR 10th International Symposium 
Israel, 8-12th July 2018

Follow tweets of participants while the meeting is ongoing on Twitter at Root Scientiests, #ISRR10, #ISRR2018.
We are also giving updates on the prizes awared during the meeting and other activities such as the Student Ambassador program or the General Meeting here.

For detailed information on the conference programme, the revenue, or other organizational matters please visit the Conference website.

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